Industrial Park

Tanjung Buton Industrial Park

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Tanjung Buton Industrial Port

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Industrial Area 300 Ha

  • 167 km from Pekanbaru
  • 149 km from Perawang
  • 300 Ha ready land to develop
  • 140 km from The International Maritime Route of Straits of Malacca

Solid Economic Fundamental

Riau is the second most trafficked zone after Batam ( Riau islands)- the growth in international trade has mainly been pushed by the growing palm oil industry in the province. Riau is the largest palm oil plantation & production in Indonesia.


Abundant of Natural Resources & Raw Materials

Existing economic and agriculture activities (crude oil, gas, crude palm oil, oil palm mills (144), pulp (2), processing and packaging, etc.)

Active Downstream Activities

  • Sumatra accounts for more than half of the Indonesia’s oil production of around 831,000 barrels oil per day
  • Riau has a potential to be the main downstream player especially gas due to its strategic logistics location closed to major shipping routes – Melaka Straits

National Strategic Project

The Government of Indonesia designated Tanjung Buton Industrial Park as a National Strategic Project (Proyek Strategis Nasional) in 2017. With the PSN endorsement comes full commitment from the government to ensure full support in terms of efficient processes, infrastructure development, and incentives for investors towards the success of Tanjung Buton Industrial Park.

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