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Tanjung Buton Port and Industrial Park is located in Kabupaten Siak, Riau Province, Central Sumatera, Indonesia. It is an integrated development comprising a multipurpose port as well as an industrial park. It has close proximity to the International Shipping Lane of the Straits of Malacca. With ready land allocation of 5,127 Ha and committed infrastructure plans, it will offer both Indonesian and international investors vast possibilities for investment and expansion.

Riau also has the largest oil palm plantation footprint in Indonesia with over 4 m ha planted and 250 palm oil mills thus providing much needed feedstock for downstream oil palm industries. Riau is also the largest crude oil contributor in Indonesia with over 300,000 bbpd production. As a National Strategic Project, Tanjung Buton Industrial Park also comes with both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.

Strategic Port in the Region


Strategic Location

Tanjung Buton Port is located just off the Straits of Malacca where 30 percent of trade travel through. It is a matime route of straits of Malacca from the international shipping lane. It is envisioned to be the gateway for trade into and out of Central Sumatra.


Natural Port Attributes

An integral part of the development is Tanjung Buton Port. Much thought had gone into in identifying the most suitable location. It has a natural draft of 18 m thus will be able to receive the largest vessels. In addition, it has a wide channel spanning over 4 km therefore allowing easy maneuvering. And not to forget it has a natural breakwater in the form of Pulau Padang.



Direct access to the worlds’s largest market and pass one of the most active sea lane communication (SLOC)



Riau province is the third of the highest commercial port’s growth in Indonesia

From Pekan Baru

from Perawang

Ready Land

from the international route of straits of Mallaca